Our team personnel have combined experience that spans decades. We have had experience with all primary delivery methods, including Design/Bid/ Build (DBB), Construction Management (CM), and Design-Build (DB)                                                                                 Because of our experience we are well versed the methodologies required to make your project a success. While CM and DB delivery methods have been options for some time, only recently have owners, general contractors, and architects begun to embrace the importance of a team working together to achieve a single minded goal – delivering a very well designed project that exceeds owner expectations.  The reality is, this is not easy to accomplish UNLESS the designers and builders are working as an integrated and collaborative unit WITH the project owner from day one.


At Integrated, this is exactly what we do. We are a turn-key company that offers both construction and design in-house with a team of builders and designers that are committed to working together during the design process to mitigate construction issues once under construction. We are not a ‘one-off’ joint-venture or short term partnership. Our team understands that we share the responsibility for your project and are accountable for its success.  


Our goal is to provide our clients with a team that will work together to mitigate design and construction issues before they happen and to keep our client informed at every major milestone of the project. After our many decades of service in the industry, we are certain that this high level of cooperation, collaboration, and coordination is the only true means to achieve the greatest value to our clients.

"a better way to build . . . . "